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A Fruits Basket Character Discussion Community
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Blinky [userpic]

I'm posting today to put in a request for banners!
I have an example

This is an incredibly simple example of what I have in mind for our community, however, if anyone wants to do something that simple, please feel free!
Yes, anyone who has time, talent, or the notion, is welcome to do cursed_talk's banner. As of this point, pretty much any idea anyone has is welcome.... I don't have much artistic skill with a computer otherwise I'd give some better examples.
Sorry for a lame update and thanks for your time!!!

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I'll try.But have you noticed, that not alot of people update......that's really sad...BUT I WILL TRY MY BEST!!!

It's kind of hard not to notice. As a community that started not to long ago and has limited leadership, it's difficult to get anywhere. Also, it's not helping that everyone seems to be update shy.
Nonetheless, the banner idea and lengthy analysis' are my attempts to 1)bring more people into the community, 2)bring more people into the community's discussion.
Thanks for doing your best, because I am too! :]