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A Fruits Basket Character Discussion Community
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January 2007
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Blinky [userpic]
Rules and Introduction

This is the first post of Cursed_Talk, a community for the discussion of the characters of Fruits Basket. :D I'm excited, aren't you?
The rules can be found here, but here they are again, for good measure.
1) The discussion can be started by anyone so long as the posters themselves actually begin the discussion by stating some indepth questions or those few, simple and general questions. See also rule 5.
Such simple questions can/do include, Was this character believable?, Why do you think the character was this way?, Would you have acted this way?, What character traits do you appreciate about this character? Why/Why not?, Which do you not appreciate? Why/Why not?, Is this character memorable?, What drives this character?, Which scene was important to this character/this character's personality? ect, etc...
2) Spoilers for the end of the series and after the American releases are allowed, but must be labeled. This way, everyone can participate. Spoiler-free discussions can be done as completely seperate posts, but must be labeled as such. Off-weekly discussions are allowed as well, but also must be labeled as such. (Off-weekly means regular posts talking about characters we've discussed in the past.... Like, "I just noticed this about such-and-such". A new discussion about a past character is allowed to begin again, but must be labeled in the subject as Version 2 or 3 and so on.
3) A single characters' discussion does not have to end after one week, but a new one should start.
4) Character discussions go in order of appearance. Minor characters like Minami (from Yuki Fan Club) do not count, but will be discussed later. I withhold the right to randomly select a character and thereby going against the order....
5) Post's MUST be approved by a moderator before appearing. This way, we can ensure that ALL post's are on topic and do not go against the intentions of this community.
6) When posting, I humbly request that you tag entries with the name of the character who is being discussed. This makes organization much easier and finding particular discussions a lot easier.
7) Plugs for character-shrine communities are allowed, but be tasteful.

I am currently looking for co-moderators, at least 3. If you would like to apply, either e-mail me or comment in the first introductory entry. All those asking will be considered. However, please note, that I am looking for serious moderators who will help by enforcing rules.

Thanks and let the discussing begin!!!!!

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I joined. ^^ Sounds like a fun community...

I'll offer to co-mod.

Excellent! Thanks very much for joining and your offer to co-mod. :] I've had a small look at your journal and you certainly seem to have plenty of hands-on experience with LJ and its workings. I'd love to have you as a co-mod! I'll set the community for it right away! Thanks for joining and don't forget -- advertise! xD Sorry, that sounds so lame. Ahaha, anyway, welcome!

Hi! I love the idea of in depth character discussions, and I'll also offer to co-mod.

Hi there! Thanks for joining, I'm really excited about character discussions -- it's always been something I think there should be more of. I've also had a look at your journal and you have extensive experience with LJ. I'd be happy to let you co-mod! :D
And remember, advertise! xD Again, it sounds lame.... Ah, Anyway, I'm so happy to have you! I hope we have lots of good discussions together!
PS. I love you Ayame default icon. Ayame = <3

If you want, I can co mod. I own sasuxnaru so I can handle it.

Awesome! I'm into that idea. People with experience are always a good thing! I'm happy to have you here and I hope we'll have some fun.
Thanks for joining and all that jazz. :]

no problemo :P I love fruits basket, so its a win-win situation!