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A Fruits Basket Character Discussion Community
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January 2007
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Blinky [userpic]

I apoligize profusely for being gone for so long!!! And after I had just started the community! For shame Steph... shame.
Well anywho.... Me and my boyfriend were in the middle of moving and it turned out we didn't have internet for a long while.... The move was unexpected or else I would have given more warning...
Again, I apoligize.
I am working on our next character analysis, Kyo Sohma! I hope to have it up by the end of the day, but Kyo is quite a fauceted character, so it may be later than that.
If any members or mods would prefer to get started, that's totally acceptable as well!! Remember, there's really no wrong way to analyze a character and we only need a start!!
Thanks and yet again, ごめん!!!

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okay......kyo is really awesome. And of course love the ever optimistic tohru^_^